New To Nappies

Hi i am new to this,
About a month ago i watched a tv program about adult babies,
this woke a fantasy in me that i thought died a long time ago
but since the program i have not been able to forget it .
So i went on the net and found some nappies and pullups, when
they got here i wasted no time in trying them and found that i
should have done it when my fantasy started.
There is no real fetish involved, ok i am gay but i dont think
that has anything to do with it,i just love the feeling how soft and warm they are and make me feel i also think that this is now with me for the rest of my life. I havent felt this good about myself for a long time.
pipehunter pipehunter
51-55, M
5 Responses Jan 19, 2013

Me tooo Love cloth nappies and plastic panties, brings back all those blissful happy times I had when I was a youngster. Enjoy...

Hi, l wear pullups and tight plastic pants as well. Check out my photos and see if you like them

Unfortunately I cannot wear as I am married and have been told not to. I would love to as I have done before and loved it, especially with plastic panties as well. I just wish there was a place I could go to satisfie this part of me once in a while.

You only get one life and if it is hurting no opne else my advice is just go for it.

l have just *** in my plastic pants reading this