First Time Wearing Thong In Public

I'm a 20 year old girl and recently had my first experience wearing a thong in public. I was in california with 3 of my guy friends and one of my girlfriends. we were all staying in this 4 bedroom condo, with me and my gurl in the same room. My friend is a little frisky and decided to bring only thong swimsuits with her. when we were getting ready to soak up, i noticed how much better her butt looked than mine. i decided to ask her if i can wear one of hers. she said i could, and it was a perfect fit. ive always loved thongs, but never thought about wearing them in public. I looked at my butt in the long skinny mirror and was satisfied. i was thinking about walking outside with a towel on, but decided this is what i was gonna look like for the day, so i might as well just rock it! i walked outside and one of the guys were in the mainroom watching tv. i remember walking in thinking my gurl was behind me, but she went back in the room for a sec. i approached him, we said hello, and i turned to walk toward the kitchen. i started to make myself a quick sandwhich, and we were talking regularly, even though i knew he was checking out my ***. eventually everyone was ready we left the condo.  when we got outside, one of the guys said "nice butts, girls!" which oddly enough made me feel better about it. I liked it a lot. I liked the way the sun felt on my bare butt. I liked that I knew my butt was getting attention. When we got to the beach, laying out never felt so good and so free. We layed down on our stomachs, and both me and my gurl both untied our tops to make sure we got as lil tan lines as possible. i felt so naked, so naughty, especially with 3 single guys laying near us, but i still liked it.
later on in the day, we decided to get chipotle for dinner. i was still wearing my thong, and didnt want to take it off. one of the boys kept grabbing my butt and i wanted to give him as many chances as possible. so i went into chipotle wearing my microkini, one of the boys (assgrabber mcgee) was still in his bathing suit, but the others, including my gurl, were all dressed. my gurl was wearing shorts and a cami that exposed a lot of her breasts, but i still felt waay too naked for a chipotle. on top of that, there was a long line. when we got in, the boy hugged me and groped my butt a little bit. it seemed inappropriate for the public, but nobody saw and it felt hot. soon enough though, a group of two more boys came in. we started calming down a little bit, but it was interested knowing that both boys immediately noticed my ***. 100%. and I know they were both looking at it as much as possible, and were going to talk about my *** when they left. but i liked it, it felt naughty!! it was 100% legal for me to wear my thong, so I wore it. eventually i had to put some shorts on, but i definitely went out and bought some thongs the next day so i could have some for the rest of the trip. now im just the nmber one fan  of thongs!
candymntns candymntns
Jun 14, 2012