Any Guys And Girls That Feel Forced In Thong Underwear

Im a straight, good looking and a down to earth guy who has occasionally wore thong underwear for men and had no troubles. Well my girl was cool about it and embraced it a lil til i wore one. After that she was obsessed. I have to admit that i look good in them and she was in love. I be than buying pairs. Well thongs soon were all i wore. Being a guy hiding a whale tail is awkward and weird so when id leave the house by myself to the store my girl would always have me expose my united for personal satisfaction and if it wasn't a thong shed trip out like i was up to somethong . She even threw away my boxers so its either some sport a thong or fight with bikini style briefs . Ive finally got a month with no Undies up my this year. A guy forced to wear thongs by his girl isn't a common thing. Is it bad that i still own some thongs and sometimes secretly sport one? Quite comfy once adjusted to your comfort levels. In 21 and will probably always own at least one. Anyone relate?
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3 Responses Sep 8, 2012

Thongs ROCK !! i think they should be the only underwear out there made, and everybody should wear them their so comfy and sexy.

I love wearing girls thongs. But my gf at the time caught me with some thongs from an ex in my drawer and I threw them out. I eventually ordered mens thongs but they just weren't the same, so my now wife gives me her used thongs to wear until they fall apart.

I wasnt forced into it, but I also am a straight down to earth male who is a diesel mechanic. I wear them all the time, except to work, she absolutely adores them and I enjoy ordering stuff online, so I can suprise her with them. I find them to be more comfortable all the way around. Don't be ashamed of the fact you enjoy them, a men's thong is very supportive so what's the harm.

I would love to be with a girl like that. Only if she doesn't force things I'm not into.