Caught In A Thong!! This Isnt Supposed To Be A Guy Experience.

Well i have been buming it up for a few weeks and accidently kept my suitcase with my 18 month old daughter entire wardrobe and only kept a.handful of mine. So for weeks i have been livigv out my suitcase and that had six shirts, three pants, 5 socks( ya five socks) and 8 thong underwear for men. So one afternoon i worked real hard helping a friends mom clean her bavkyard and afterwatds took a showern while i was ib a room with a door and had.just started working my thonv up into place when she.came through. At first she hollered in surprise then laughed and ran over saying awwwww hew git on man panties. She slappped my *** on. She thoughg that it suits me cuz growing up i was the cute one with a lot of personality but could kick *** off and n with thongs for years but it finally is makinv itself known. I just get to be the one who enioys all thongs have to offer men. Hell ya. 4 for 4 from the women
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18-21, M
Sep 14, 2012