Its All I Wear :)

I got my first thong when i was 13 and I've been wearing them ever since :) I just love the feeling and comfort of them and you also feel that bit sexier with them on ;) I wear a lot of laced thongs but also string thongs aswell, my favourite colour thongs are Red and Black, I have others though :)
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9 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Well you have the perfect *** for a thong little lady and you get every man here rock hard

Have you ever worn a thong on the beach though?

You should post some pictures of you on the beach in your thing. You have the most sexy and cute bum x

tell us all about your 16 year old self and the panties you wore!

and how you used to flash your naughty panties To unsuspecting perverts!


thats hot

I am like you. I love wearing thongs. I have them in all colours. Tommy's favourites are my red one and my yellow one. He says the yellow goes great with my dark skin.

luv 2 C U in 1 !!!!!!

Any type of favorite brand? =P

You also look sexier

Id say they look well with the beard? And hows your sister!