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My Boss' Thong

I am a world traveler because of my career. So whenever I get the opportunity, I indulge in a secret lifestyle of risk and taboo. This story is about one of those times.

Since its creation, the thong has been a revolution in women’s sexuality. I have always loved thongs and always enjoyed the sight of a woman in one. The way the material curves around with her body, highlighting its features; then disappears into the valley of her lush ***. Or the way the see-through lace could reveal the details of her moist and tender **** yet conceal it in a way to only tease what prying eyes are about.

Over the years, I have had the wonder chance to go all around the world and experience the uniqueness of other countries and cultures. One of those unique things being the sexual habits of the people I have had the fortune to meet. And it was with one of these persons who dared me to try something new that has since become a secret fetish. She asked for me to wear her soaking wet thong while we made love. I was hesitant at first; but once I put that silky fabric on in between my cheeks and pressed its dampness against my shaven sack, I was hooked. The erotic nature of it all made me understand why women love wearing them and showing off their presence whenever possible.

Since then, I have secretly taken in the joy of wearing both men’s and women’s thongs. But I have found that it is a woman’s thong that feels the best when it comes to the erotica of it all. The silk feeling of the fabric against my crotch and the stiffness of the material hidden within my *** has provided me with a kinky sense of pleasured pastimes. But this story is about a very special pair of thong panties that I now have in my possession. A pair that has provided me with erotic entertainment ever since.

For several months now, I have had the wonder luck to have a really sexy boss to work under. She is without question my example of the perfect Mexican woman. With her free flowing dark hair that sways around her exotic face. With those heaving breast that she so gracefully shows off with her grateful amount of cleavage. Her near hourglass figure that runs down to her Latino shaped legs. All together with an *** that whenever she walks on by would sway along with her hair as if begging to be watched. And if that were not enough to attract me, another thing that turned me on about her is her religious wear of thongs. In fact, I am convinced that she owns no other style of underwear except for the thong. And with low-rider trousers that she wears on occasions to work, I get to have such great views that, at times, I have to go find a place to hide so to relieve myself of the erection and arousal that she unknowingly created within me.

Well not too long ago, she was stuck in her office trying to handle some time sensitive papers when she called me in. Seeing how we require the other to get our jobs completed, she and I would have to know the other’s plans for the day in order to work proficiently. She asked me if I was still going to run out in town to handle some chores and I answered to her yes. She then hands me her keys and asks me to stop by her place to pick-up a present that she forgot to bring into work for one of her girlfriends. I so humbly agreed too; and once I was out of the office, I made a straight dash to her house. Once inside, without thinking about it, I quickly searched for her bedroom and began to rummage through her dresser drawers hoping to find where she stored her panties. When I did, I basked in the sight and the knowledge that my guess about my boss was right. Upon looking in the drawer, the only panties that were present were thongs.

I then began to look ever so carefully through the sea of silk for a pair that I wanted to hold, to caress, to smell, but mostly, to wear for just a few minutes. I was so aroused by the presence of these panties that I did not even relieve what I was doing; I was driven blind by this kinky desire. That is until my sight came back to me in the form of a black, silk sports thong. Knowing that my boss loves to work out, I knew that this pair was special. And seeing how she had a few identical pairs of these, I quickly stuffed the pair into my coat pocket, went and grabbed the present from the dining room, and was on my way out the door.

It wasn’t until I got home that I finally got the chance to truly enjoy the presence of the thong. I held it ever so gently in my fingers. The thong was not even near my face and I could smell my boss’ alluring aroma reeking from them. By this point was aroused to the point that I quickly ******** out of my clothes and then slowly began to slide this thong over my legs and into my ***. The silk fabric felt so good against my freshly shaven sack that my erection grew even harder than ever before. And wanting to feel more, I started to rub my shaft through the fabric. It was so erotic that within a few minutes I experienced an uncontrollable ****** that to this day I can still remember feeling.

Since that day, I have fantasized to the point of soreness about my boss. Hours have been spent imagining that it was her in this same pair of thong panties as we start off making love. That is until she asks me to take them off her perfect body and to put them on myself for her. And then, just a few weeks ago, I went even further in my fetish when she asked me to come in to work on the weekend to pull some overtime so to be ready for an upcoming inspection. So feeling a little kinky and wanting to try something risky, I decided to wear her sports thong under the jeans I was putting on. But when I slide the jeans on and felt the denim ride along my naked cheeks and over the top of the thong. I immediately got so aroused that I had to take a few minutes to enjoy the pleasure of what I was feeling.

After finally making it into the office, my boss and I worked side-by-side the whole day; getting spontaneous erections through the thought of wearing her thong panties, seeing her cleavage, glancing at her ***, and smelling her perfume. After waiting patiently for her to finally leave for the day, I quickly locked the door to her office and ******** down to I was in nothing but that beautiful black thong. I made my way to her desk and dropped into her chair as I began to make self-love once again until I very strongly came into the potted plant that sits next to her desk.

I have worn the thong to work and in daily life ever since. Having a secret as kinky and arousing as this as brought me such pleasure that I only hope that I can live out my fantasies with my boss before I depart for other places in the world. Or in another way, find a woman who not only enjoys my kinky fetish but also encourages me along with her own pair of thong panties.

Quest75 Quest75 31-35, M Jan 28, 2010

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