Man, I Love To Wear Tights

I love to wear tights. None of my cousins know, though I sometimes borrow their tights without returning. Now if you have an old pair of tights then, hear is what I suggest you should do. I suggest that you have a shower with them on. I tried that and it gave me such a hard on that I never had before in my life because my **** looked like it grew a pair of feet, because it was standing upright. Then when you get to the shower gel it is even more magical because your rubbing yourself down, upper body was **** all but the legs were a different matter, I felt like beating myself off, man I have a wanking problem too, I feel like I am dried out, I just need it to build. The friends I can trust knows I wear tights, even the girl I like. Try the shower it is sensational.
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1 Response Jun 8, 2010

Ha ha ha Your way into this that's for sure. For me it's about the look to express my sensuality. Tights or unitards look graceful and sexy it's about expressing that side of my self and the all important female reaction. Of course we live in a society rotted out with gender roles where women are encouraged to do what I just described and men are not allowed to we are used as hard labor and soldiers we aren't supposed to be sensual only brutal, men are freeing themselves from this garbage little by little though.