Honesty Is The Best Policy :) I Love Worn Tights

i'm an open and genuine and straight crossdresser and tights are my fave item of clothing. i have worn them for years but only became open about crossdressing about 4 and half years ago and it was the best thing i have done. i have some supportive friends and females are generally fine with it although u always get some people who don't understand and think i'm weird etc but thats their problem not mine! anyway i buy tights and other female clothing from local buying sites and am honest about myself as i find this helps and females have lots of clothes so i just ask them if they have any old tights or lingerie that they'd be happy to sell and i've met lots of females this way and bought lots of stuff from them. my main passion is worn tights and i love tights that have just been on a female then they take them off and give me them. i've had some female friends do this for me then i love to wear them after they've had them on i love the way they feel. i've been lucky to that some females i've met on buying sites have worn tights for me when we meet then taken them off in toilets or even in their cars when they meet me! now thats hot! my fave ones are 2 pairs i got from a schoolgirl i know she is very pretty and slim and long legs and she sold me some black opaque ones couple months ago and wore them first and sent me pics of her legs and feet in them then met me next day and gave me them. she wasn't keen at first about meeting me then taking them off but must have needed money cos she mailed me few weeks ago and said would meet me then get changed in toilets and give me them so i gave her extra for them. she met me in her school uniform and looked lovely then went away to get changed into normal clothes and gave me the black school tights along with a pair of pattern fishnets that she had worn the night before and again took a few pics as proof. the school ones she had on all day so had a nice scent to them and a few sweat marks but still smelled lovely and not too bad which is way i like them and i have worn them lots of times since then. its best just to be honest about what you like and you never know. people aren't as judgemental as they used to be! i've got lots of true stories to about female friends who i've had foot fun and dressing up fun with to just by me being honest :)
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Great to have others with my passion. Yahoo message me at unitardlvr, or I'm me at tightsslv@aol.com

thanks and its ok i trust her and she doesn't mind and it helps her out to. got a few more pairs from her last week to so that will keep me going! :)

Good for you! Keep posting! Regards. J.

A good posting - thanks for sharing.. Dont get in trouble with the schoolies though!!