Multi Fun

Today I had one of the most intense, incredible ******* of my life!
My wife left for work this morning and as soon as she was gone I was wearing a pair of 7 denier M&S black tights with red heels and short silky slip. Intending to spend most of the day dressed up and ending it with my usual **** about 30 mins before my wife's return I casually lay on the bed and started to surf some tranny **** sites when I stumbled on a clip of a gorgeous cross dresser getting ****** by this lovely big cocked black guy. Well it all proved too much and I started wanking through the tights. I thought to myself I can't *** yet as I'd not long been dressed so I stopped. Thinking I was close but not that close and then it just happened, hands free I looked down at my nylon encased **** and it just started to spurt my creamy white ***. I had my phone in cam mode by the side of me so I quickly picked it up and started taking pics of my **** whilst I was having an incredible ******. I really wanted it to look erect for the cam so kind of flexed my **** making it stand up a bit more, as I did this a lovely feeling went through my glans causing it to pull on the tights. Well this just felt amazing and triggered what felt like a second ****** ripping through my body causing waves of pleasure culminating in what was probably my best ever climax.
My wife has had quite a few multiple ******* in our time together and I've always felt quite jealous of this in the past thinking it was only something a real woman could experience.

p.s I'll post the pics soon

Debbie x
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Yes, saw the pics, gave me a hard on. Just wish i were there, bet you **** would feel so good through those sheer tights.

Great story that caused an erection.

great story, have the tingling feeling in my **** right now. just enjoying the feeling.

Delicious! How amazingly erotic and I would have loved to watch you.

Sounds like a really good time to say the lease.

nothing better than spending the whole day dressed in sexy lingerie, edging several times & ending with a huge massive ***!

good fun

With my lovers, I frequently choose to be bottom unless it is obviously realized that my partner had preferred and favored the position. For years I have not been requisite for me to touch or ********** unless my lover requested me to comply. My penis is nearly always fully erect when I am with a desirable lover and as soon as I am entered, my desire to ****** is overwhelming.

that sounds so lovely, i too have had that pleasure of multiple ******* when a lover was making love to me and i didnt even touch myself....... good for you honey, i hope you get to experience more of those

ooh that sounds another level I hope I get to enjoy that x

Good for you it's so rare

Love your pics. I love watching tranny **** also. I probably have around 200 DVD's. I **** off all the time to them. I always want to be the gurl when she sucks ****. Then I want to be the guy when the gurl ***** him!!! Ahhh another day in the life of this sissy!!! Love you!!!

I have the very same fantasies x
Love Debbie x

Same here, when i look at ****, i always end up watching those sexy trannys.

Wow! I've had, and still do have no touchy *******! And they are fantastic!
Love your story!

that's great you must havebeen very horney to start with.I've had "untouched" **** before when the sex going on around was realy wild. but multi o's are harder if I get suck and then ****** I will *** for both if the guy is a good ****.

nice experience Debbie,

debbie you are so lucky woman with your wife do you clean your wife creamy and she yours what a great story looking for pictures yours and wifes creamy

Very lovely story Debbie. I've never experienced anything like that, but it sounds fantastic. Thanks for posting the story. Looking forward to the pictures!

Well I'm 48 and it was the 1st time ever so you never know

Sounds wonderful. Now you just need to figure out how to do it all the time.

I know yeah, I really hope I can replicate it

Sounds simply delicious. Wish I could have been there to see that. Maybe after you would have instructed me how you did it and you would have been able to watch me do the same thing. Boy would I ever have liked that.

I'm jealous lol sounds great

Well-life's changed for you now sweetie. :-D