Christmas Costumes Give Good Times

I love the Christmas period and the opportunity to wear Costumes that incorporate tights . Last Friday was a 17th English Courtier Costume ; Saturday was Manga (Black Butler) "Tails" with Red Silk Shirt, White Bow Tie, Black Trousers and Red Tights  ; Santa's "Little" Helper with a Red and Green Zantai and Elf Costume, long wig and Elf Ears  ; and any other combination that I can think of  that will enhance the Season.
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1 Response Dec 16, 2012

My problem is that I live "Down Under" in Australia and it is getting hotter (coming onto Summer), but some of us still celebrate Christmas with a Traditional English "hot" meal and all of the trimmings, instead of having a pleasant Summer Salad etc
Makes one a little dedicated to have to wear Costumes in our part of this little planet we call home.