George Doesn't, Gerard Does!

For the last few decades, I've participated in the Society for Creative Anachronism. (You can see for info.) And I admit I chose the period for my persona--the person I wanted to portray--in large part because I liked the men's fashions of the 15th c. Which means bias-cut close-fitting hosen, for which the usual modern equivalent is machine-knit tights.

Each pair with a codpiece, which I've sewed myself. (Can't buy those from the dance-supply places!) I was amused in retrospect to find that I'd been assertively declaring for a month or two that I was not going to wear a cod, apparently as a psychiatristless method of desensitization so I could wear one.

My first was black, same as the hosen. Later I've gone particolor, with the cod reversing the colors of the tights. As currently seen at except mine have been black & white and/or red.

Gerard's SCA coat of arms is the pic you see w/ this and all my other posts.
GeorgeTSLC GeorgeTSLC
66-70, M
Dec 16, 2012