Moms Pantyhose

I will never forget my first encounter with pantyhose, or should i say my moms tan pantyhose.
Having seen my mom from an early age putting on her hose i always wondered what was so special about them, yet i found some sort of attraction and would often try to guess what they would be like to wear.
The years past until the chance came for me to find out what secret pantyhose held.
My mom had gone out shopping for the day, i was left to tidy my room but some how found my way into my moms bedroom. I made my way over to the big set of drawers and by chance opened the one drawer that had my moms pantyhose in.
There were many colours, some pairs unopened, some pairs in a tight ball. Then i came across a pair which looked like they had been worn recently.
I took this pair out from the draw, my heart beating fast, eardrums pounding and a bulge starting to appear in my pants.
For some reason i remember holding the pantyhose up to nose smelling them, sure enough at the crotch there was a certain smell which i found like no other.
That was it! i had to wear them. I took my shoes off, dropped my pants, slipped out of my underwear and my bulge sprung out twitching. I sat on my moms bed and slipped on those pantyhose just as i had seen mom putting them on.
I stood up walked round her room, oh the feel of the pantyhose against what was now a massive full blown errection could only end one way, soon i felt a whole body shudder and the next thing i knew was a load of white stuff now filling the hose.

momshose momshose
Jan 6, 2013