Just Tights

I love tights, on women, on men. Love the way they look. I wear tights, opaque, with a shirt that will just cover my butt. I will walk around in public and just feel so good. I know that opaque tights are somewhat see thru, and that I do look girly in them. When I sit on the train I keep my knees together , just as a girl does . I love acting like this even though I am masculine in all other areas of my life. I only wear black or brown tights but am trying to get the courage to wear pink tights! Just pray that I do not meet someone I know when I am out like this !
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3 Responses Jan 14, 2013

I love to wear tights and leotards, too. I run in tights when it is cold outside, they keep my legs warm, & the tight fit helps my performance. They look great on all fit people and many other people as well.
I also like to bike in leotards and or tights as well. I wear shiny nylon lycra. It feels great, and I like how it looks.

I wear the green ones as you can see in my pics and the black ones want have a pair of thin black and white striped ones too............ they are so comfortable...... keeps my junk in place to no flip flopping around containment is great! like your story .........

It's that "somewhat seethrough" part that's less than ideal. You might wish to look into tights designed for men (don't want to sound like an ad, but at such places as welovecolors or Discount Dance, among other sites) as they would IMHO have the appropriate opacity. Or at least double up if all you have is women's style(s).

Shirt that will just cover your butt, tunic, minidress...not sure there's a whole lot of difference in a lot of cases :-)