Femininity And Tights

I have been a part time crossdresser for many years. While I don't get to go out too often, when I have been out and with other CD/TVs, I'm told I'm attractive. I don't think I can ever fully pass, but I look OK for my level.
When dressing, I always must include tights or pantyhose as part of my wardrobe (preferably tights). I feel the area they cover, the smooothness, and general sesuality they impart,scream femininity.
I was always intigued by tights from an early age. I can remember watching Robin Hood type movies and wishing I could wear tights. It seemed to grow from there and the idea of trying to feel what it would be like to be dressed as a woman and act accordingly became overwhelming.
Yes, the idea and feeling of being dressed is sexually arousing to me. I fully enjoy being totally dressed, wig, makeup,and of course tights, and being brought to ******. There are few things better than being dressed as a secratary in a busines suit wearing black tights,straining one's thighs against the confines of the skirt and your legs quiver and you approach the throes of an ******.
Exresstights Exresstights
1 Response Jan 21, 2013

I just love the secretary look