I Like to Wear Tights

When I was 11yrs old, maybe younger, I first noticed I got excited by the sight of a girl wearing tights. At school most of the girls in my classes wore black or navy opaque tights and I would often stare at there legs for a short time studying there beautiful legs covered in opaque tights getting really excited by it. My sister was a couple of years older than me, and I would usually go into her room when she was out and I would look through her underwear drawer, where I knew she kept loads of different pairs. She had lovely black opaques, much similar to the ones in my profile pic, which I would try on. She also had a lot of nude or tan coloured ones aswell, which are also still even now a big favourite of mine.

As I grew older thru my teenage years whenever I got the oppertunity to wear tights I would grab it. When my sister went to university I was only 16, so when she left she took her underwear drawer, tights and all, with her, which meant I had to find other ways of getting my hands on my favourite opaques or tan tights. I did manage to steal a pair of my sisters before she left tho! which kept me going. Eventually I would just go into a supermarket and buy a pair, I used to get some starnge glances, but most shopkeepers never raised an eyebrow to a 16 year old BOY buying tights.

It wasn't until I was 23yrs old when I moved in with my then girlfriend, Donna that I really took to wearing them again. She worked as an air-hostess for British Airways and so part of her daily uniform was nude tan coloured tights with a slight shine to them. I found these very erotic when she wore them and couldn't wait till she was out and I was alone so I could try them on, which of course I did.

I'm married now with 3 kids, all girls, and I still get turned on by the sight, touch and smell of tights. My wife doesn't wear them often, but I have told her about my obsession and we now use tights as part of our lovemaking which is incredible! I probably will always be excited by the sight of a pretty woman walking past me wearing opaque black tights.

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Im also obsessed with tights and is a 33 year old man that is 100% straight. When reading your story kind of made me feel like im not a weirdo, but I know that my obsession with tights is not normal. But then I ask myself would I feel like I do about them if I were a woman? I must have roughly 60 pairs which I have iver stolen from various women, kept girlfriends, stole my aunties or friends mum's and sisters tights and sometimes there knickers but worst of all I've even taken my girlfriends 18 year old daughters tights. I know that I've done wrong but still do it so if someone's got an answer to why or how I stop stealing them please comment.

You sick ****** I bet you gf doesnt know you took her daughters tights that you prob **** into. Bet you try and groom her daughter too when alone with her

OMG that's just my thing exactly!!!!! Can't believe how similar.

I used to run home after school to catch my sisters and her friends doing homework on the kitchen table, they all used to wear skirts and hose and I would hide under the table and watch them dip in and out of their heels, sometimes they would let me touch and tickle them.

I've enjoyed tights since my early teens and still do. If I'm at home alone I will get into a pair, the feeling is fantastic.

I also love tights, and congrats on having a supportive wife. My ex would let me wear but would rarely wear for me. My first experience was pretty young also but I was an only child. My first discovery was my mothers pantyhose. I wish I could remember the first time but it was too long ago.

I'm thinking about wearing a white pair of capri length leggings to the shopping mall this afternoon.<br />
I like to go and visit with the retails ladies. Usually pick something up...clothing....that is.<br />
I've got this carpet shapmoo guy coming over in a while and he sounds interesting...

Aargh! my phone turned creepy into creep!! So sorry!

tightsluver you are exactly like me.im 23 when i too was about 11 or 12 i used to sneak into my sisters room and wear her tights and thongs. i also used to wear my mums. i used to look at **** in the net whilst wearing them and well you know. iv just told my girlfreind of 5 years that i love them i tried wearing them in bed twice but she said it was just weird and that i shud take them off so i did she cant accept that it such a nice feeling for a man to wear them. she wears them all the time and when she does i cant keep my hands off her. when im not with her i take every oppertunity to wear them. i love the sight of schoolgirls wering them (15-18 year olds) when their legs are looking like real womens my god there such a turn on.

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Loved your story tightslover. So good your wife understands and you are sooooo lucky. I only started wearing them about 18 months on and off and now hardly a few days go by without me popping on a pair of 15 denier chiffon tights

I also adore tights, and have done since early childhood. I love sheer tights, opaque tights, any tights. My wife is also supportive, and has recently started wearing tights and leggings, and she drives me WILD !! She bought a blue pair of opaques the other day, and we ended up getting really erotic, with her in a short slip dress and her blue tights and little ankle boots. It was a real fantasy come to life. I just wish she wanted me to cross dress for sex sometimes, as i'd love to be 'discovered' dressed as a girl and yet hard inside my tights like a man. Right now, the biggest turn on i get is buying tights for my wife. She loves it, and it makes me so horny.


Personally not a big fan of the footless ones... good story though, glad your wife is supportive! Does she know you wore/wear hers?

I love any type of tights, generally though I prefer sheer 10 or less denier. I know what you mean about the footless but I have some 15 denier tan ones that I wear (about 20 pairs of them) all the time at the moment :)<br />
Love them

Hi tightsluver, i know exactly what you mean, its the only drawback of the summer, the fact you dont see many women wearing tights. I live very close to the airport so i see all kinds of air hostesses wearing many different types of tights. Took me a while for the footless tights to appeal to me but now i have several pairs, what do you think about them?

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