Paddled In White Briefs

Growing up in the sixties, white briefs was worn by all boys. It was kind of like all the girls wore white panties. Spanking was very common in my day. At home and school. Paddling was an everyday occurrence at school and alot of teachers in elementary school would apply the paddle directly to the seats of underpants/panties. I got my first underpant paddling in third grade. It stung like crazy and I found it very embarrassing to be paddled on my white briefs. But I got an erection during the paddling and becamed hooked on it. I made my mother a spanking paddle from a ping pong paddle. I removed the rubber and painted it red. My mother must have taken my cue because she wore out the seat of my white cotton briefs on many occasions, mostly over her knee. When I got a little older I made her another paddle out of thin plywood like the school paddles. She mostly applied that to my briefs while I was bending over the back of a chair.
I still like to get a paddling just like she administered them and I still get a hardon when paddled on my white briefs.
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2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

i was raise back in the 60s an you are so right white briefs an school paddlings over your white briefs very common back then shame they dont do it any more
i would get it in school and home mom my mom was typical irish women she can drag me over her knees paddle me good over my wife briefs erections oh yea an even now still

erections before, during and after a solid bare-bottom spanking are fairly common. I got a woody once at age 13 being slowly paddled. I know other guys who did not care about getting the paddled bare butt, they were more scared of popping a *****.