After my tight jeans experience I decided to wear my leggings,... I love leggings.
At first I wore them with the same black shirt v neck, oh I forgot I picked up a Tina turner look alike wig , it doesn't help when I'm not tucking but I stopped at a playground and took some selfies of my arse why my son played on the swings.
Incideofme Incideofme
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2 Responses Aug 21, 2014

Leggings are unisex anyway. No big deal. Lots of sports stores do a men's line of leggings.

Yes but I prefer to wear woman's leggings, I have been looking at woman's skins but the wife will not approve

Why women's legging's? Unless you are a closet cross dresser, I see no reason to wear women's specific clothing.
Please don't use the excuse of it fitting better because I do not buy it.
If you are a CD, then so be it.

I am a closet cross dresser.

You Have Gorgeous Legs!