Dr Whites

I started wearing sanitary towels 35 years ago and i would always wear Dr Whites .I like to wear Dr whites number 3 but at the start it was number 1s or 2 .My mother caught me wearing sanitary towels and told my father they made my life hell .Years later when i would go to see my mother i would always make sure she could see my sanitary belt and that they made my life hell did not stop me wearing sanitary towels.Where i live now i can not buy Dr Whites so i now use kotex all night pads.
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4 Responses May 17, 2012

yes 2 ata a time feels lovely i also allow ladies to use those dr whites size 3s i have while i do a photo session with them so i have a permanent record of them wearing them

dr whites size 3s feel great i am lucky enough to still have 7 packs

again sadly yes . looped ones feel nicer . thing was when press on ones 1st started some were thicker than the looped ones they were replacing and gave ladies bigger panty bulges

sadly size 1 and size 3 r no longer made anyway only size 2s . i have to say my favs were cameo but they are no longer made so for me it is dr whites all day and night every day and night