Closet Cross Dresser

Growing up I had a desire to wear panties and pantyhose that my mother discarded in the trash.  I enjoyed the feeling it gave me.  Over time I collected items and even got dressed in full attire--once almost got caught.  One time I was about to get fully dressed and was almost caught by my parents.

A few times while I was home alone I would try on my now wife's shoes but they did not fit.  Next came the panty hose and dresses.  I never did get caught but always liked the experience.

Not long ago I revealed a my secret fantasy to my girlfriend of 8 months and to my surprise she was ok with me wanting to wear women's clothing only for the sexual experience.  She is so opened minded that she wants to dress me up and ultimately have sex with me.  Wow what an experience that would be!

I have made an effort to shop all by myself so I can dress up and feel good.  I have asked to raid her panty drawer and wear her panties to feel close to her and she willing agreed.  We plan to shop together and dress up, model for her and then make love to each other like nothing we could ever imagine.

I fantasize daily and love to tell  her about it and she gets off too.  I only do this for me and  her and do not consider me gay, just want to feel sexual with my lovely lady.
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4 Responses Jul 25, 2010

What a fun lady friend you have, you're so lucky.

wow... you're very lucky. That sounds wonderful that you found someone like that! Enjoy her.... as she you as well..... :)

She is a rare jewel, and you're a very lucky girl... best wishes for a long and contented life together.

Understood. I feel the same.