Arousal Through Crossdressing

I too am happily married for 43 years, have four children who have given us to date six grandchildren and a seventh is due shortly. I would never share my 'CD' secret with any of my family. Some time ago my wife found my femm trove and disposed of them. She fervently hopes my CD-ing was a phase which is firmly in the past.
Fact is, when all alone I frequently give in to 'the urge', raid my secret trove and don nice shiny or sparkly tights with shapely panties, small bra forms, flowy short skirt, somewhere between mid thigh & knee, sensuous satin or silk blouse, gorgeous long golden wavy wig, big long dangly clip-ons and court shoes..not too high in the heel. I also have a tailor-made skirt suit, by Crossdresser NL. which I adore.
When I go the whole hog and put make-up & nail varnish on I can't resist the temptation to 'record' it all, so I pose and photograph myself, so at least part of each CD-ing session is taken up with a photoshoot.
I also admit that a big part of the overall pleasure is editing and sorting my pictures. I would dearly love to have been born some forty years later, so that with today's internet and photo technology I could grow my own hair out so it could be femm-styled and not have to hide wrinkles &c.
You can't have your cake and eat it too!

Maryesther Maryesther
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5 Responses Jan 22, 2012

It's a pity your wife doesn't understand your needs. Putting on female clothes is great and can be very satisfying. My wife not only let's me dress but helps me buy new clothes. At the moment I am wearing a new dress from M&S bought today, my wife said it looks good on me. I know I will never really look like a woman but what the hell it's fun trying. Must try my new false eyelashes soon but the trouble is my wife will have to help me as at my age the eye sight is not what it used to be.

My wife of 12 yrs knows and hates my dressing. I try to only do it when she is not around. I keep my toes painted and she has accepted that, I only wear girls shoes at home and she ignores that as well. I never let her see me in my panties , which I wear daily. But she does see me in my nightgowns and girls pajamas every night. She works Saturdays so that is typically my day to spend the longest stretch of time dressed up.

yes being born some forty years later i thing you can have your cake and eat it too now days

lucky lady if i was born later ill be a woman now kiss my lady

I have not been cought yet but my feelings are getting stronger because its been awhile.