I Love Wearing Women's Underwear

This site is incredible. This is honestly the first I've ever really talked about wearing panties in over twenty years. I have been fortunate enough to have had two seperate girlfriends whom I've worn panties with during sex, but it wasn't  often enough, and I would always twist it around like it was just a silly joke, and I wasn't that into it. yeah right!! I started wearing my sister's panties when I was around 12. I never paid much atention to women's underwear before that. I remember one day in school, probably 6th grade, one of my classmates was pointing outh the difference in the girls' pantylines.  I went home and investigated my mom and my sister's panty drawers. I couldn't resist trying some on. Of course, it was instant turn on and raging hard-on. I've never been caught wearing panties, but my mom knew. I used to sneak in to her room to steal panties, then go in the bathroom and jack off in front of the mirror. After I blew my load, I would feel ashamed and hide them in the back of the cabinet. I would intend on putting them back, but sometimes wouldn't. She once asked me "What are my panties doing hidden in the bathroom all the time???" I was like "How would I know??" She once said to me, point blank "Do you wear women's underwear?" I could have died. Anyway now I'm single again so I buy panties online usually, once in a great while I'll get up the nerve to go in a store and by some. I imagine buying panties could be a great turn-on, but it's a huge embarassment for me. But I do love wearing panties and I love the fact that someone is going to read this.


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1 Response Feb 13, 2010

I wear them all the time and love it !!!