Wetting Panties And Pjs!

This morning I was planning to wet the bed while chatting with a friend but I haven't been able to hold my pee until she got online. Before the time we agreed on, I sat on the toilet and peed into my hand. So much came out -- no wonder I couldn't hold it. I finished breakfast and drank the last of my coffee, then started drinking water. The pressure in my bladder slowly built. I was squirming, then dancing, then breathing heavily. Finally I gave in again. Instead of waiting for my friend, I had to relieve the pressure by wetting my black panties and PJs while sitting on a towel and plastic bag. Such a disappointment, but still fun! I'm continuing to drink water. Every time I let out a squirt of hot pee, the panties hold it around my **** for a moment before letting it seep into my PJs and the towel. That feels really good. Maybe I'll get lucky later, or maybe I'll give in to my horniness and get myself off alone.
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May 7, 2012