Old Pyjamas

I have a couple of  random weeks off from school this week and next, and knowing that I would be home alone all day, I decided to plan some time to pee myself.

When I woke up I made sure the house was empty before downing three large glasses of water, then stripping down and putting on my pee boxers. I then sat at the computer for about an hour waiting for the water to pass through while watching some desperation videos and reading EP stories.

Soon after, I was bouncing up and down on the chair and I decided it was time to go. But I realised that just peeing my boxers wasn't gonna be much fun (and since I live with my parents I have to keep the laundry to a minimum) so I went to my old pyjama drawer to see what I could find.

Inside I found some really old full length pyjama bottoms, black and plain. I looked at the label, which showed they were from over five years ago, but I still tried them on. And I'm so glad that I did; they were really tight and soft and felt really nice.

So I went into the bathroom, stood inside the bath and put the plug in. Then I stood up and just relaxed and waited until nature took it's course.

It didn't take long before the pee was running down my legs and making the tight material cling to my legs before puddling at the bottom. When it was over, I was horny as hell, but instead I sat down in the puddle, letting it soak into the seat of the clothes and spurting out a few more drops of pee.

After that I finished myself off and had a shower, rinsing out the pyjamas and boxers.

I intend to do something similar next week, any ideas?

I'm 17, male and I cant make too much mess or my parents will realise there is something wrong! Thanks for reading :)
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By the way, if you take a shower in your wet clothes, and can find a good place for them to dry, you can keep the smell under control. That is one of the strategies I used back when I was your age and younger and living with my parents.