Just Tried It


I am allowed to pee wherever I want, as long as my clothes would stay dry, so I tried many various ways of peeing. I never wet my bed or my pants, but I was allowed to pee my panties when wearing a skirt. Often when I wake up, I don't want to go to the bathroom, so I got used to sit on the edge of my bed, pull down my PJ and pee on the carpet. Since I'm seven years old I think of peeing as something unbelievable wonderful, and try to make peeing something special by checking out unusual ways of it.

This morning I thought, that peeing in my pants would be interesting, but I wasn't sure, how to do it without my mom noticing. This evening I changed into my Pyjama early. My mother was playing computer games. I was watching TV, drinking lots of Ice-Tea, when I suddenly felt the urge to pee. I wanted to pull down my Pyjama bottom, when I thought this might be the best possibility to pee my pants. I wore a black bottom, so nothing could be visible. I made sure, my mother was concentrated on her game, squatted down and started peeing. It was an incredible feeling, much better than peeing in my panties, and I went for about a minute. Suddenly my mother looked to me, but didn't notice I was peeing into my pants, because I was squatting behind the table. When I was finished, I looked on my Pyjama. My pee was shimmering in the dark. I sat on the couch again, and watched my pee dry. After about half a minute, nothing was visible anymore.

I couldn't believe what I just did. I was looking forward to this moment, and now it was there. I thought it would be harder to hide this from my mother, and feared, my mother would find out about my interest in peeing.


From now on, I will pee in my pyjama more often. Right now I'm sitting on the floor, with legs crossed writing down this experience, and weeing in my Pyjama in excitement.

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6 Responses Feb 14, 2010

************ in wet panties or better diapers is awesome, maybe that your Mother would like to pee this way too and ************ each other.. An apple falls close to tree..

well, not bad. and she didn't saw anything?that must be exciting??

Well done and so brave to do your **** while you mother was in the room: I bet there was a smug smile on your happy face as you sat back on the lounge!

Great story, qail.

you are such a cutie! :)

Fabulous story, I always enjoyed that from a very young age. Keep enjoying, stay n happy! ;-P