I've Never Outgrown My Need For Diapers

I have worn diapers all my life.  I am completely dependent on wearing them.  I used to be very secretive about it until I was about 32 yrs old then decided at that point why hide the fact I wear them.  Now I really dont give much thought about who knows I wear them.  The little boy inside of me likes wearing them and wetting them.  I find a great sense of security by wearing a diaper to bed or out and about.  I have been to many ab parties and have many ab friends who share my interest and would be very open to hearing from anyone who would like to talk with me more about it.  I am totally open and honest about who I am.  Just an overgrown kid who still wears and uses diapers for their intended purpose.  In fact I have now reached a physical point of no return because I find it extremely difficult to hold it in anymore and have more the a few very close brushes with soaked pants because I wasnt wearing a diaper as I should have been.

fredybear fredybear
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5 Responses Feb 16, 2009

I too have got to say that the more I wear my diapers the less control I have I am not yet 24/7 not shure I really want to be but it maybe not to far down the road for me. I have now started having some daytime accidents and I don't know for shure if I could go a night with my diaper, I think not<br />
please don't get me rong I like my diapers and wear very offten in daytime and alwise at night I just like to chose I'm still getting over the idea of people not aproving of me in my diapers<br />

I find it fun to be caught wearing diapers!

i to have been wearing diapers for 26 yrs now and i don't know when i have to go. well hope to hear from more of you people soon.

Glad to see you here. We sure wasted a lot of time to discover we were both diaper boys. Hope to see you again in JuneLove ya.

Fredybear, I can totally understand what you are saying. The longer you wear diapers and use them (especially without thinking about it) the less control you have. That is what leads to nighttime accidents and having urges. Good thing you wear a diaper all the time now. What a good little boy you are!!