Today I woke up and got dressed like any other day. I was wearing dark pink panties with a matching bra, red skinny jeans, and a blue hoody with black tank top under it, my shoes are white sneakers. I went downstairs and had breakfast, which was bacon, eggs, and a tall vente peppermint hot chocolate from Starbuks.
I brought a picnic lunch and went for a drive through the country side, leaving my car and walking through a small wooded area near my home.
I reached a small clearing with a slow creek running through it, so I took off my shoes to relax and eat. My lunch was made better by presence of many birds filling my ears.
When I began to walk back to my car, I finally noticed the pressure in my bladder. Each step added another grain of sand to the scale, tipping me towards peeing.
About half a mile from my car, which was a 15 minute drive to home, I finally decided to water my grass.
At first, I just let a trickle free, which spilled in to my panties, and moistened my lips.
A few more squirts, and I could feel that my panties were soaked through, and the warmth now reached my backside.
At this point, I lift the gates completely, a small wet spot formed as I started to feel the wetness run down my legs, and on to my bear feet.
By the time I realized I forgot my shoes, there was a large wet spot on the front and back of my red jeans. I turned around and walked back to the clearing to get my shoes. Each step was now a grain of sand tipping the scale to a full adrenaline rush. The thrill of being outside and exposed took me, as I began to run to the fallen log I used as a bench.
When I finally made it back to the clearing, about 15 minutes later, a group of boys were throwing stones in to the creek, one of them was holding my shoes and socks.
I weighed the options, I could go home bear foot and write the shoes off as an occupational hazard of nature walking, or I could talk to them, and get my shoes back, which would reveal my wetness, and obvious thrill.
I decided to go with option three. I waited for them abandon my shoes, the boy that was holding them was nice enough to put a sock in each one. I burst from the bushes as quietly as I could, and grabbed both shoes with a few fingers on my right hand. I wasn't noticed until I was half way back to the trail head I had used.
As I sprinted back to my car, I heard laughter combined with shocked confusion.
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3 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Nice I some day would like to wet in public like you have. :)

Favorite pee story on here so far!

I wish I could have been that boy ;)

I would have waited for ya ;)

Definitely lol- shoes and car keys are things people don't usually leave without- its not creepy to make sure they get back to their owner

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