A Picknik In the Back Yard.

In response to the story by Sheluvs2Bwet.  I wrote and said I would plan a picknik the same time, the same day.

Put together some tuna egg salad sandwiches, and something to drink, and somewhere around noon we made it out to the back yard.  It wasn't long though till we had to move back to the back deck. The dang bugs were making it just horrible out back and we did want to enjoy our lunch.  I should mention that my husband was with me, and he was also wearing panties and a skirt.  We both like to dress up and wet.

I was thinking of Elle and relaxed slowly wetting the panties I had on.  One nylon, and two cotton, a lined slip and a light colored cotton skirt.  I was enjoying the wetness spreading through my panties and filling my skirt.  I released slowly, letting it flow and soak in.  I wasn't the only one wetting.

After we finished lunch, we made our way to the bedroom and the waterbed to have some good adult fun.  I'm not the kind to kiss and tell everything, you can use your imagination.  We took no clothes off, and afterwards, had to remove the sheets and they went to the washer.  We went for a shower.


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I like your stories, and your husband IS lucky.

Thank you, Rachael...in so many ways! Your style of writing is marvelous. Your subject matter is beyond reproach. And your attitude and enthusiasm are well above par! Not to mention that you do know how to share your joy of wetness with your husband and can understand and appreciate his kinks as well. I look forward to reading all the rest of your stories!

O-Rachael, your husband is ONE LUCKT DUDE...keep the postings going and I'll do the same

Thanks for the comment tlevans. Welcome to Experience - I know you are going to love reading my stories. Some are written about my early years, and how I came to love this. Others are more recent, describing various activities. A couple fantasies, and a bunch of other stuff to round out my persona. <br />
I do hope you return the favor and write some stories of your own. who knows, we all might learn something.

Greetings Rachel and others. How indescribably fulfilling it must be to have such a relationship. I'm new to the Experience project and this is my first posting. <br />
<br />
Reading your experience Rachel sent my heart rate into the stratosphere and I'm looking so forward to reading more posts. Where I live, my activities are severely curtailed - so I rely on fantasies and the experiences of others..... Maybe one day... :)<br />
<br />
Thanks again for posting Rachel.

Rachael... sorry I missed this story when you wrote it. Also, thanks for referencing me... I'm honored. :-)

What fun!! Rachel, you're really cool that you don't mind him dressing up like that! :) I'm kinda like that too, I'm up for all kinds of games, but I'd like for wetting/watersports to get worked into it at every opportunity, of course, since those are my favorite games of all!

This is so wonderful for both of you.. your husband is certainly lucky to be able to dress up as well... what great fun to share