I Wet My Panties This Morning

 i sat in my chair wearing a short denim skirt and a pair of pale pink panties. i spread my legs wide and watched in the mirror as i rubbed myself through them. it felt so  nice with a full bladder and i arched up slightly to feel the pressure while i was stroking. i relaxed slightly and let a small dribble out...enough to make a wet patch on my knickers that i rubbed against myself. the sight of that first dark patch on my knickers nearly made me come so i stopped rubbing for a moment and stood up, loving the feel of my wet knickers under my skirt. 

after a couple of minutes i sat back down and opened my legs wide again. the pink fabric was stretched tight and i could see the small wet spot. i let a bit more go and watched as it spread. it felt lovely and warm. i rubbed against it and felt myself through it. i pulled the knickers tight and spurted a bit more of my lovely pee till they were soaked and full up and it started leaking through and dripping onto the floor. i put my hand inside my knickers and peed on them a little before stroking myself and rubbing my pee into my bits. i took my hand out again and watched as i released some more lovely wetness and this time let a long stream flow out of me till it was pouring through my soaked knickers and making a big puddle on the floor. then i stood up and let it run down the inside of my leg while i put my hand back in my knickers and played with myself while letting small bursts of wee escape. i pulled my knickers up into my bum so that they were as tight as possible and watched my fingers stroke myself through the wet material. i let another small burst go and then i made myself come, legs far apart, knickers still dripping and watching myself in the mirror. after id had a lovely o i stood up and relaxed and just let the rest flow from me, running straight through my soaked knickers and down my legs and adding to the puddle already on the floor. 

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14 Responses Nov 29, 2009

Thank you for sharing your story because I love to wet my panties in my skirts and or dresses. I even wet myself in public and I don't care who sees me anymore. It just feels so good to wet myself especially when I am wearing cotton panties.

I wet my panties today while I was at the supermarket shopping. I let a little pee out and felt the warmth in my crouch. It made me want to wet more so I rushed to the ladies room and sat down on the toilet and wet my panties so I would not make a puddle in the store. It felt so good. I almost pooped in them, so I slipped them down quickly to take care of that job. I trust you don't mind me sharing this story. I love the feeling of wet panties. I did wear cotton panties today because I planned to wet myself. I knew that the wet would stay longer than in my satin panties. After I finished I did make myself have an o which felt fabulous. I like to wet my panties because it does make me feel like I am a little girl again. I wet my panties often every day when I was a little girl.

Thank you redbutterfly4 for sharing your story about wetting your panties. I like to wet my panties in public. I like to wear dresses or skirts so I can stand up and spread my legs when I am dribbling or if I need to empty my bladder. It is such a plesing experience. Thank you for sharing yours.

Great story, made very hard and I'm going to pee and ********** myself now.

thats ace... i was bursting before i read it & now im really gonna go.. gonna read it again while i do :)

you made me so horny, i loved reading that

good story u sound amazing wish i new a girl who did that! x

Oh, that is so hot and sexy. I love wet ************.

fantastic. I have done almost exactly the same thing with a deck chair in the garden. I played for ages (I am playing now just remembering and reading your experience) and have had really deep centered *******. thank you for that trip down memory lane and reviving the idea I will be doing it again soon.<br />

That was one of the sexiest short stories I've read. Thanks for the major piece of wood between my legs that is now all wet with two different types of fluids.

Oh that was such a good story. I needed to go before I read this story and now I've just wet myself. It felt so good!!! ;)

I wet myself this morning while shopping at the mall. I wear skirts or dresses so I can just spread my legs and let it flow. I went outside on the doors and found a secluded place where I could let my pee flow. I wore cotton panties today because I had planned on wetting my panties. Cotton panties stay wet longer than my satin ones.

you're welcome guys....but my name isnt Sarah! xx

Sarah<br />
<br />
I can only agree to Debras positive comment and thank you for a great, sensual, exciting and wet story ;-)

T'was a lovely story has me all stiff and needing to pee at the same time

T'was a lovely story has me all stiff and needing to pee at the same time