Panty Wetting For Two

so. some of you may have read my other story, others obviously not.

i had a new girlfriend/fiance type person. the lady in the other story, still the love of my life. this one? down and dirty, probably lust more than anything.

i met her online whilst out in iraq, and after a few conversations, we decided that when i got home, we should meet.

meet we did. she was shy, quiet, letting me do all the talking, sharing the laughs, looking with adoring eyes (i should have known then!!!).

she had dropped her two young kids off with her ex, and was going out with her friends that night. out first date ran over by an hour or two, and she was panicking about being on time to meet her friends. no probs says i, i'll drop you at yours, go do something else for a while, pick you back up, and take you to your night out. she agreed. i drove to her home, and when we got there, she said, look. if you got nothing else to do, you could come in and wait while i get ready, i'll make you a coffee. ok, says i.

we get into the house, nice, clean, tidy place, and she sticks the kettle on, heads upstairs for a bath.

about 10 mins later, i have the greatest urge to pee. dancing about, holding my crotch, i shout up to her that i need to pee. come on up, she says, promise i won't look. too late! it starts to run down the leg of my jeans. i'm mortified!!! and yet........

i knock on the door of the bathroom, and rush in. its at this point i realise that i wasn't expecting to come back to hers, and i have purple satin frilly knickers on!!! oh ****!!! she's gonna freak!!! i turn my back to her and pull down my zip, pull out my **** and start to pee. mmmmm, i hear, very nice. very kinky!!!

i look up, straight into the mirror she can see me in. stop just now, she orders. i pinch. turn around, she commands. i do so. come here now cissy boy. i move over to the bath. she dries her hands on a towel, unbuttons my jeans, and drops them to the floor. i kick off my shoes, step out of my jeans, kick them to the side. she pulls the pretty panties up, rubbing the damp patch where i've already leaked. step into the bath, she says. i do so. now let go of the rest, she tells me, slightly breathlessly, her eyes partially glazing over. i pee my panties, soaking them, the pee running down my legs into the bath water. i notice her hand rubbing her sex, coming away very, very slick. she drops to her knees, and starts nuzzling my **** thru my **** soaked panties. my very hard ****. on her knees, she looks up at me, her tongue lapping up the juice, running up and down my member. without another word, she turned round presenting her sexy ***** to me, doggy style. no further invitation needed, i slide my engorged manhood out the side of my panties, drop to my knees in the bath, and slip inside her. fast and furious (i had been without for 3 weeks!) i pounded inside her. getting to the brink, where a herd of stampeding elephants couldn't have stopped me, she looked back over her shoulder. i have a surprise for you, she says. pull out now! i pull out. a trickle, then a steady stream, then a flood pours from her open lips, all over my **** and panties. unable to hold back, i spurted all over her ***, ***** and back. i see her shudder, hear the sigh, and her hand reaches round the back of her to grip my thigh tight, her claws digging in, on and on for about thirty seconds. before long, i'm out of the bath, binning my socks, rinsing my knickers.

she looks at me, a soft light in her eyes. you can borrow a pair of mine to get home in, she says. an hour later, i'm standing in her sexy pink lace thong, her ***** is dripping with my come once more. think i'm gonna have some fun with you, she says, her eyes twinkling............................

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4 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Love the story I wanna swap lives with you man!

taylaair,<br />
are you a prude?<br />
the kind of guy who likes only missionary with the lights off and no foreplay?<br />
in short, have you no sexual ambition? no sexual prowess? completely emasculated?<br />
its ok, i never asked you to read the story, though you obviously did. if you got to the first part you didn't like, why did you carry on reading enough to be able to leave your comment? just asking....

Taylaair, you haven't lived!<br />
<br />
eyeheartpanties, Sorry I missed your post earlier. Very hot story and so well told. Sounds like you were in heaven that night. Nothing like a good bit of foreplay to jack up the excitement. Nothing wrong with a guy that is man enough to enjoy wearing panties either.