Desperation Underpants

I'm planning to WET MY PANTS ! That is like right now!! I'm on the back porch and all I have on is underpants. Just white underpants. I usually do number two (poop) but I don't feel any right now. Just ****! I drank a tall cola drink an hour ago and I have to go bad like right now. Here goes.... it's starting to dribble and come out ...making wet spots on the upper portion of my underwear. Eeeew, it's comin' out like it's really coming out. Real fast and furious I am totally WETTING MY PANTS! Urine is running down my legs and making a puddle on the floor. The floor is yellow pee and my undies are yellow stains... YAY!!! I am so happy I did it on purpose...I PEED MY PANTS!! ... I am going to put on a pair of grey sweats so the wet stains will leak onto them and show wet stains on my sweats. Maybe I will get an urge to do number two then I will have everything in my pants.
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Jan 8, 2013