Didn't Want To Hold It

I was travelling home tonight and kept feeling stronger urges to pee. I was holding myself and deciding whether I would wet myself on purpose or not. My decision was to go in my pants because it is ALWAYS FUN! I made it home and when I got inside I took my shoes off and went into the bathroom and started releasing urine into my pants. **** always is warm and just feeling warm wetness travelling down my leg and seeing my top pants stain up with urine made me even more excited. Just like watching videos of someone wetting their cushie diaper or whatever diaper. That happening made me want more things in my pants. For now it would be pants urinating. I thoroughly saturated my pants with pee. I wanted someone to see it and call me a baby. After I changed myself, my friend came over and I showed him what I did. Guess what he said! "You are a big baby...wetting your pants." It made me happy.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 23, 2013