When Wearing A Pair Of Jeans They Are More Often Than Not Wet

My fetish and enjoyment is peeing my tight fitting jeans when out in public. Here is a typical day that I had a couple of weeks ago.

I had taken Friday off for a long weekend and dressed in a pair of tight low rise jeans as I was already planning to get them wet for the day and then head to the PrideFest in Chicago - I am spending the summer house sitting for a friend in the Chicago suburbs. This was PrideFest weekend and I was planning to meet some friends for drinks and dinner Friday downtown.  I had put on the jeans early in the day and started to fill myself with lots of coffee and water. By 10am the jeans were already quite peed. My goal was not to use the toilet for the day. I cleaned up around the house and also had some work to do outside so I continued to pee the jeans whenever the urge to pee. I then had to bike to the store so in my wet jeans I biked a few miles and picked up some things at the store. Since it was quite warm out the jeans were drying faster than I was peeing them but it was getting pretty obvious that they were yellow stained by now. Walking through the store in damp pee jeans was quite arousing but no one said anything or noticed. On the bike ride home I had been holding off peeing while in the store so really had to go. I was waiting for the light to change and other people were at the intersection and I started to pee the jeans again. I could not stop so a few people did notice and one guy smiled and said, oh sorry looks like you had a bit of an accident. That was it and I rode off down the street in my now again soaked jeans. 

I got home and by this time it was about 4pm so I needed to freshen up a bit and shower for hte evening.I did however pull back on my tight wet pee jeans as I planned t owear them tonight. I re-hydrated  too before leaving for the train station on my bike. I rode my bike to the train station which dried the jeans a bit but it was still quite obvious they were wet. I got on the train and headed downtown - which would take about an hour. I had a seat to myself which was nice as I needed to we the jeans some more wwhich I did. I got off the train and headed to the subway station which was a 4 block walk, wearing my wet jeans and peed them as needed, mostly small amounts to keep it from flooding them since it was a busy Friday and still light out and early.

I took the subway ( EL) to Addison stop and walked to pride fest. There I had some beers and got some nice comments on my really tight jeans  from some guys there. One even said it was nice to see I was taking advantage of self cooling them by keepign them wet - and he bought me a couple of beers to help the cause. He and I walked a bit and talked about jeans wetting as he too was into it.   We listed to some music by the live steet performers and had more beers which made the pee flow more. THe jeans were really continuously wet now. I met up with my 2 other friends and introduced the mto my new friend Mike. Mike and I both had on wet jeans and my 2 friends noticed this. So we bought them some beers and had some food while walking up and down the 4 blocks of the street fest. We then started to hit the bars once Price fest closed at 11pm, where we all were really peeing our jeans - all 4 of us whenever the urge hit.  I had already told them that the first one to use the toilet would have to buy beers for all of us the entire night. 

I ended up crashing at Mike's place at 4am, sleeping on his deck lounge chair. I flooded his deck as did he did too while we both had lounge chairs. I awoke with a huge hangover at about 10 with the sun up.  Jeans were still damp but actually quite clean and unstained as the pee was 'beer pee' - very uncolored. I continued to wear them on Saturday on the ride home on the train, wetting them as needed. Satuday afternoon, I got home, showered and through the jeans in the wash. Putting on a new fresh pair, I almost immediatly wet them a bit but it was to be a dry day for the most part, if there is such a thing of dry jeans.

Let me know if you too like to totally soak jeans and are in Chicago. Its always more fun to get togehter with like minded friends. 

Stay wet and stay cool for the summer.
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2010

I just found your story of your Pride weekend wet low rise jeans. I wish I was there to share another such experience with you, as I also love to **** my low rise jeans. Keep it up and enjoy your experiences!

What a pity I do not live in Chicago... . Your story nevertheless is absolutely hot, and I would also like to offer you some pints of beer or whatever you like... .