Peeing A Diaper In Public

This is something I had wanted to do for a while. I have an interest in peeing, and an interest in diapers, and I've wanted to try peeing in public but I don't have a private home so I don't want questions of why I'm coming back with wet pants.

So I happened to be out yesterday on various errands, and on the way back I passed by a chemist so I picked up a package of Depends underwear for men. The was a public toilet near the train station I was going to so I stepped in there, undressed, put a diaper on and got dressed again. Even before I left the toilet I let a little pee out into the diaper and it felt soooo good!

I continued on my way to the train, periodically peeing just a little. All the way home on the train I was peeing into the diaper at every stop, wondering if anyone around me could see the thickness of the diaper or had any idea that I was peeing while I was standing there. It felt so good to have the warmth of the pee spreading out through the diaper around my crotch and up the back of my butt.

It felt soo good in fact that when I got to my destination train station I couldn't help but play with myself a little through the diaper till I cummed.
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1 Response Aug 2, 2010

Sometimes I find it hard to pee my diaper in public, I have to walk off to a quiet corner....