Wet & Wild One Night Stand...or So I Thought

I'm on vacation somewhere I will keep secret, and I picked someone up at the bar last night who will remain nameless for this story.

He works where I'm staying and lives here as well. We went back to his room and had pretty great sex. We did it out on the balcony, against the railing and on a chair. We went back into his bedroom and were on his bed going at it, when he passed out. I was quite drunk, but didn't realize how drunk he was.

I wasn't satisfied yet, so I took his limp hand and ****** myself with two of his fingers until I climaxed. Then I went back out onto the balcony and sat on the chair on top of some of his clean laundry that was drying out there. I made myself come again and again, and then I did something I haven't done in a while - I peed right then and there. All over his clothes. I hung them up over the chair, dried my legs and ***** with his bedsheet, and went to my room.

But then I thought, why stop there? For the next two hours I *********** and drank a bunch of water, peeing in the bed a few times, on my own balcony and twice on the floor.

When my friend came into my room the next morning to chat about our escapades of the night, she almost crawled into my bed on the wet spot, but I rolled into it and made her lay on the other side.

I've never gone that far with my pee experiments (I usually just pee on a towel or in my pants sitting on a towel) and it was pretty darn exhilirating.

The only problem now is that he met us at breaky this morning, and was really sweet and apologized for passing out on me, offering to make it up to me tonight. He also invited us to come with him and some friends on a little trip in a couple of days.

I feel so guilty about what I did and I'm worried that his clothes smell like my **** now. They would have been dry by morning in this heat, but he might notice the smell. He probably wouldn't assume I pissed on his clothes (cause who the **** does that, right?) but I still feel really bad.

Anyway...hope you liked my story.
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11 Responses Aug 7, 2010

you're a very sexy girl and i dream of meeting you on holiday hehehe x

I love the smell of pee.

I would of loved to be that guy but I would of been watchin and mastabating

inventive :) <br />
oh well - u know for next time....

That would have been better actually, because then he would have woken up in the wet spot and thought HE wet the bed, lol.

Hehehe, you should have wet his bed :)<br />
There was nothing up with what you did anyway, if he passed out and you had the horn then you cant just put the telly on or something can you? <br />
You just let yer passions run wild woman - its just hard luck for him isn't it? he should've stayed awake, in fact it prob had something to do with the fact he wasn't there when you wanted him... hehe

i like going to the mall and having accidents in my pants..lets have fun we can not afford to go too far coz of the gas prices it is cheap fun

I would love to have you pee on my cloths while I'm wearing them.

Update: he turned out to be an *******, and ignored me all night last night. We didn't hook up again, but I did sneak into his room o retrieve the earrings I forgot on his night table. <br />
<br />
I no longer feel bad about what I did. :)

Honestly, I would not mind that mess too much... . Oposite, I would have started to dream and phantasize about how it would have been if I had worn those freshly washed clothes and if she had sat on my lap while she let go. Awesome!

awesome! *fantasizes about some strange girl wetting my clean laundry*