Especially Now... Maybe Then...

I am in the mood for a wonderful, long wetting right now. I do not really know why but there is something in the air that makes me feel so horny. A few minutes ago I therefore changed my dress: put on my bright and relatively tight but still comfortable jeans. I left my undies away so that I can feel the smooth and soft fabric of my summerjeans right on my skin, teasing my thighs, my crotch and of course my hardon. Changing clothes that way and knowing what will happen always makes me excited. Really excited!
This way I took place close to my computer, turned on my webcam and now I start feeling my desperation starting slowly. I will wait some more time and I lool forward to a long, nice and warm wetting. It will be so wonderful: feel the warmth, feel the pressure just in the last moment before some drips run out, the unique feeling when the first and heavy stream runs out, then stop it again and let go several times, each time like a little ******. My hands will slowly tease and stroke my crotch over my wet jeans while the flood runs.
And after some times of stop and go, I will not be able to stop any more, all my warm pee will run out of me in a long, warm and nice stream, down my crotch, down my thighs and legs while I tease and stroke them slowly and while my webcam runs and watches it all. Just after having finished I will touch myself a little harder and a heavy ****** will make me *** into my jeans endlessly - will feel my hardon pulsing beneath my drenched jeans. And I will continue to dream of feeling all this with someone else... .
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do you go to the mall to wet yourself, i like to do that , wish i could find a female doing the same thing showing off her wet jeans