Naughty Confession

I would never have the nerve to pee myself in public but indulge myself at home occasionally. I actually like to pretend I'm a woman while I do it and sometimes wear a pair of my wife's panties and pantyhose to add to the illusion. I just love the feeling of my legs encased in the pantyhose and sometimes watch the wet streaks running down in the mirror. Am I a pervert or simply kinky but harmless?
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2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

It does seem quite common for men to pretend they're women/ dress up as women while wetting themself. I wonder why, is it because pee accidents are seen as a female 'weakness' and therefore more acceptable?
I enjoy peeing myself, sometimes do in public but more often at home. I never fantasize about being a man while doing it (and have never read of a woman who did) but do often imagine I'm a child, or a grown woman who is either drunk or tied up or in some state of weakness so I can't really help it.

Nothing wrong with it. Enjoy yourself.

Stay wet, stay happy