Wet And Stained

I'll never be a great holder of **** because I can't resist wetting myself. I love to let some pee dribble out of my *****, I like to see the swell of wet in my undies before it spreads among the cotton fibres. I love to cover my undies with a bin-bag to keep me moist. I like to think of pee-games while I drive and feel my growing erection in its pee wet sheath between belly and undies. I like to keep wet all day and build up those heavenly pee smells in my, by now, very wet undies.

I like to choose to wear a pair of white cotton underpants and a white vest that have been wet so often before that now they show the rich yellow stains of dried pee. 

ImustGo ImustGo
56-60, M
2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

I sit at my waterproof chair at the computer without any pants on. When I need to go, I hold my penis on me and let it go. No mess and no fuss.I do this for hours on end.

have a friend on EP who sent me some briefs which had been pissed and jizzed on for 4 years and never washed. The smell was outof this world