First(discrete) Public Wetting

hello everyone today i thought i would try publicly wetting my panties and jeans .so once i decided to do this i jsut kinda made my slef need to go yo uknow using my body to push on my bladder till i feel the need to pee enough so that iknoe i could have compelte control of the flow . I also needed to poop but i dont really do that aprt from periodically in my diapers if im having a "no toilet day". This time i wasnt diapered  i pushed alittle and then let out a little  . i then  stopped it for a moment  so i could start making a calal for a taxi, So here i was stood callign a taxi and peeing little by little into my panties and my pants and it felt interesting, i think next time il ljsut let go fully  that may be more pleasant . i wascallign the taxi out side a pub in full view of anyone coming past i got no reactiosn or anythgin , i guess none saww it evne though it showwed darker my pants were dark blue anyway. so i got into the taxi and got home then ytook out my dog and finished my previous pee into my pants.

kiaratiger kiaratiger
18-21, F
7 Responses Feb 20, 2010

cute ithink

maybe where yo ufrom honey

can I walk my dog with u

not really none sw it aprt form thetaxi man who may not have noticed or cared

you are brave!!

wel lcos of the way i did it it want really a tunr on it jsut felt nice i suppse and liberating but ifelt i had to share it

I hope you had some "fun" afterward. I'm sure that was a turn-on to wet yourself that way. I know I would need some relief after something that exciting.