I Like To Wet, No Matter The Weather.

Nice Group Paulypeeps!

Our pipes froze the first week of January, and it took almost a month to get the water running again.  It was horrible being without running water!  We carried water in gallon jugs and I kept up with the dishes and washing and took clothes to laundry, but I am so glad to have water again!

It was cold the day we got it going again.  Once I had the house to myself I decided to enjoy a little me-time.  I already had on a pair of vanity fair nylon panties but put on three pair of cotton briefs, one incontinent style panty, two more cotton briefs, and a shaper girdle.  I have a favorite cotton slip, ankle length, in three tiers and it is rather heavy and full.  I put that on and a skirt that was also full, heavy, and went to my ankles.

Had me a nice hot mug of tea, and took the dogs for a walk around the back pasture.  It was cold out, and I was bundled up pretty good, was very enjoyable crunching through the snow, listening to the life in our woods, feeling the warmth as I let go and soaked all of my panties.  It ran down my legs some, but mostly soaked into the panties.  They are very absorbant, especially the incontinence panty, but not enough to prevent leaking.  My skirt kept the cold from chilling my legs and I truly enjoyed walking and dripping, the dogs enjoyed being out too.

Back in the house I removed all but the vanity fair panty, put on two more cotton panties for warmth, and started another small load of laundry.  It was so nice not to have to take it to town.

I must add that summer time, warm weather, and rainy days are my absolute favorite time for wetting, but I can and do wet in the winter too.  Stress relief at it's best.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.

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I'm with you Rachael, wetting is not much fun if you are cold. Keeping warm in the winter and having some pee fun takes a lot of imagination and preperation and you've done just that. Good for you!! ;-))

Glad you like the group.<br />
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Did you enjoy your pee being really hot on your legs? I really enjoy that.<br />
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