Wetting My Work Pants

I like to wet myself in all kinds of situations. One of my favorites is wetting my work pants outside in our yard after work. I get a thrill out of coming home desperate and straddling a bench we have in the yard and pressing myself against the bench and peeing hard through the wooden slats. Noone actually sees me because its at night. It feels awesome! I also like to wet at my computer, usually while chatting or reading or watching stuff to do with wetting. I also like to wet incontinence pads at work, wet while driving, and drink lots of water and sit on towels and wet them, etc., etc.  ;)

wetlinda wetlinda
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15 Responses Feb 26, 2009

I like to just come in from work sometimes and chill out by letting all the work stresses go by standing in the living area and pushing that stream of hot pee out into my pants and flow down my legs to form a puddle on the floor --- sooooo relaxing !!

Kinky lady! Please add me, thanks.

Like you I wet while on the computer, especially while surfing Experience Project, and while out side doing yard work also.

I'm with you. I like to wet at my computer while chatting with a like minded person. I also like to wet in the back yard and I do it night or day. My favorite is to sit in a deck chair and put my feet up on another deck chair and wet myself.

How many of us nearly wet or actually wet while at our computers? It is a time when we are so concentrating on what we are reading and writing and we manage very well to put off that feeling of needing to go in our pants. Its amazing how we can deal with those urges and just hold for ages and ages. Of course to many of us here its all part of the pleasure and the fun to sit there feeling so full, and just letting go a bit too when we are ready!

I'd love to join you Linda--I'll bring a couple pitchers of iced tea!

You really should share that kinda fun, it makes it doubly sexciting! ;-P

I'm sitting here reading this and start to feel horny already so wat i gona do now is that i put a pants over my nylons and body wat i was wearing already and going outside to the shoppingcenter i will <br />
not make it to the toilet so i'm gona pee in my pants and hope there are some girls overthere that like to watch me doing this<br />
i'l think i will have an orgasme than

i also love wetting outside while doing yardwork , wetting my jeans , panties . i also love desprate to wet and love wetting while i'm at the computer.im going to try wetlinda's idea drinking lots of water.nothing sexier than wetting and peeing in your jeans.

Sounds like my kind of experience, only it's always better being under someone like you when you're doing this.I'm totally addicted to wetting - greatest sexuial turn on to do it with a woman who is into it.

Right on Linda!

Great story Linda. For me, it's solo wetting too, sometimes just little squirts sometimes great floods but always great pleasure. While reading your story I was just rubbing the tip of my penis and now I have a nice, albeit, wet spot in the crotch of my Levies

Mmmmmmm :)

... Late evening on your porch ... the stars are out ... it's quiet ... a little cool out. You have an oversized papasan chair -- big enough for two to share. We sit tight together for a long time downing a few drinks -- vodka, soda and lime OK? The vodka turns the coolness of the evening into a soft warm glow ... The soda works its magic on our bladders and we feel nature's urgency ... and we take turns climbing onto each others laps to share our warmth and wetness ... then maybe we just pull a blanket over us and fall asleep in that soaked soft chair ...

Hey Linda!<br />
<br />
Mmmmm -- sounds like fun ... for two even ... ;-)<br />
<br />
John -- "C G" from xt***