All Eyes On Me

I like to work out at home.  I work on my abs and on my legs. I mostly go joggin at nights. Well today was my first time goin to the gym. My brother wanted me 2 join the gym with him. I agree. since i have acouple friends that go there too. My problem is that i am shy. i dont like nobody to see me work out. When i walked in there i got  nervous. i tried working out but i felt  like if i didnt know what was i doin. I ended up working out in the girls locker room. But one of my guy friends was there. i ask where he was at, so i walk to where he was. Thinking i was gonna feel better around him. Well, not at all. His girlfriend, ex i dont know what they are. Anyways she gave me an ugly look. As if i didnt have enough with guys looking at me. That really made my night. I really like working out but i dont like when people stare at me. I had my phone to listen to music and i was texting most of the time. I didnt reallly get the work out that i wanted. I usually say something to people that give me looks but tonite was just a night that i just wanted to get out of there. .
chikiz chikiz
22-25, F
1 Response Jun 21, 2011

never feel intimadated by anyone sometimes because you have striking look that even for yourself you dont believe you are pretty and gorgoeus but sometimes you think you need those body beautiful women wanted to be,you know vain is always with women but for men the way you look and how your curved body is already distraction so i guess its the reason that it affects some men,and for women yeah it creates alot of hates and just like they wanted to choke you up....but if i were you dont feel embarrass or bully with this kind of women and for men that look at you just like they wanted to undress let them think that way so at the end it will be natural for you to act as anyone else anywhere....cheers.