I Fainally Woke Up @ 5:oo Am....

To work out. I have been setting my alram clock since the begining of the week and have been so lazy! But today I fainally woke up and tried to run the treadmill but it made too much noise, so instead I speed walked on the hill program. I'm going to wait until the weathe rgets better to run outside, and hopefully there will be more light. I really enjoy working out in the morning, it makes a huge differenece in the morning, You fell sooooo good and refreashed, happy and ready to work,,,,I want to also do videos in the morning,,,any ideas for a good work out video for the mornings?--sometihng really energetic that will make you really sweat!!

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4 Responses Mar 6, 2009

lol, i know it's hard but that what the human body was made for ,to stay active. Ik now it can be hard wiht the little ones but i bet if you put effort to early workouts with in a week your body will be acustomed to waking up early, be bless

yay! Congratulations! Wow, you have really inspired me. I always try to fit working out in at night when I come home. It has been very challenging because I have two young grandchildren that live with us. I have always wanted to get up at 4:30am and workout before I go to work but of course I have been so lazy and sleepy. Thanks! now lets see if I do it! Thanks!!

do IT!! You will feel so full of energy!

Wow. I admire you. I can get up that early in the morning for work but even then only if there was some emergency or additional work at the office.<br />
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As for workout... Hahaha. But you inspire me. I am going to try and work out more, even if it's not so early in the morning.