I Like To Work With Girls That Want To Earn Money

My name is Enrique Ramar. I am photographer and web designer.
I have couple projects on internet, that may be will be interesting for you.
I found your email address on internet and i decided to send you this letter.
First i will explain what i am looking for and i will give you some details about my work.

I am looking for:
1. Web cam performers
2. Photomodels
3. Refferals

I know that may be these things are not for you.
But i think you should read my letter till end and then make decision.

Now details:

1.Web cam performers for erotic shows.

I am looking for serious girls that want to work like web cam performers.
These girls need to know english language and have fun to work in such job.
Age from 18 till 30 or even more.
We want to have good performers in our team. We have some conditions that girls need to accept
if they want to work with us.
- She need to have fast internet connection and good web camera for quality shows.
- She need to accept this work seriously like any other job.
- She need to be online and do performance minimum 35 hours a week.
- She need to be communicative and ready to learn new tricks for successfull work.
Job is not easy because is a lot of performers already online and if you think that you will earn millions
just to go for 15 minutes online you are mistaken and this job is not for you.
Girls that will decide to work with us we will give them all support online or girls that they are willing
to come to Odessa we will have 7-14 days education traning.

2. Photomodels.

We have more offers.
We are looking for girls that want to do naked photos for web contents.
Pictures are for selling on interet to forengers countries.
For such kind of shotting we have 2 options of payment.
You can get 50% from all photos what will be sold or we can pay you hours rate.
Earnings depends on what kind material we will shoot.
Can be even 12 000 euros for couple days.
Next offer is for girls that dont want to do naked photos and they want to earn money with modeling.
We can introduce you to other photografers, agencies. Girl need to send us material or she need to come to us
that we will do photos for promotion. We built portfolio for each girl and promote her like our model.
We take 50 % from each shooting that we arrange.
We have one more offer for girls that already have some naked collections and they want to sell them.
Payment depends on what kind of photos are and how much buyer will pay for them and we take 50% of sold photos.


This offer is for girls that are not interesting in any of these offers but they want to earn money.
We offer you a job like refferal agent for us.
That means that you can get payed for each girl that you bring to us or make connection with her and she start
working for us.
We pay 25% of our earnings for that girl that you bring to us.
For example you bring us 5 girls who start work like web cam performers.
If each of that girls earn 1000 $ your salary will be 450 $.
For girls that will sell photos you will earn 25% of all sold photos from that girl.

That will be all for now and i hope you find something what is interesting for you. And we can start to work together.

If you want to know more information you can write me email on enrique-ramar@mmm-webstuff.com in english or
and snegana_80@mail.ru in russian. Or you can call +38 068 117 18 85 on english and +38 068 192 73 50 in russian.

Best regads.

henrik3000 henrik3000
Jul 18, 2010