The Crumble Of My Heart

i believed you love me first
i believed that you were the best for me
i know that i am messed up
and still you chose to be with me
those were the reasons why
i fell in love with you
i guess i was lonely
i guess i was empty
but the more i say that i guess
i did actually really love you not because of emptiness or loneliness
you were a great friend, you were a great listener
and honestly
at that point in life
i don't think i deserve the kind of love you gave me
i don't think i deserve any love at all...
that's how low my life goes
but there you were
ready to be with me
ready to love me
ready for everything to come
but all of these they can't remain forever like that
eventually, things happened
$hit happens too, but mostly to me
somehow you helped me back up
somehow i see the light in life
but somehow after...
you start to bring me down
then you can bring me back up again
and this is how it goes with us....
up & down
love & hate
together & apart....

LovelessAdvocate LovelessAdvocate
22-25, F
2 Responses Jul 19, 2010

i most certainly will. you too, take care.

yes please... i'd like to do that very much. not so alone after all...