Thought I'd Share One Of My Musings...

I don't sit here and write with the hopes of being grammatically correct my hands just guide me along griping my utensil pressing it hard against the lined paper releasing my thoughts without them escaping my arms reach... look at all of you standing around me crowded around me blank, emotionless, faces masked behind lies of conformity but you all see no problem in that its the way you've lived and always will survive seeing absolutely nothing wrong whilst looking down upon me and those in positions parallel to mine from your thrown built up by the pleasure you get from seeing our pain watching our failure, that's the only way you feel isn't it by flipping the emotions we project to the world, and that's why we'll never be able to thrive be happy feel okay because whenever you see are rare moments of fulfillment you feel the pain and hate that we do so constantly and so you crush our rare moments under your 100 dollar sneakers sending me back to my corner tail between my legs crying aching wishing for death to take me but hoping it doesn't come so maybe one day i'll see myself in the mirror and know then that I am happy but that day never comes only lives in the fading dreams floating between the synapses of my brain as I sleep in the little prison cell of a room given to me by my mom and step dad. ~Beth
BethyB95 BethyB95
18-21, F
Mar 23, 2012