I Feel Like Love Is Misunderstood And So Am I

How I feel...... well I'm a 51 year old man who always went through life living for the now.
I sometimes I would get infatuation confused with love at first sight. As I grew older and wiser 
I've discovered that there's no such thing as love at first site.
To have love is to have experienced a little time together a little  life together.  As it grows a bond sets with one another.
Love isn't on line... how can that be? you don't hold hands, you don't know each other's expressions, emotions and the like.
It used to be really easy to look at a picture of a gorgeous female and say wow! I love her! No. it does not work that way and it never will.
So when you do find that loved one how do you keep her or him? It's very simple but it begins in the beginning. 
I've read a long time ago that a heart is like a bank; the more love chips you put into it, the more you get back in return. But if you take, take, take, the bank will run dry and your account will be closed forever.
Take it from this old man. I guess I'll never find the love of my life any more. I feel as though I'm in a dead end. I've got lung problems, depression problems and I never want to put this burden on any one else. Consider me the guy who might have the answers but no one's asking the questions.
Or perhaps the Fool On The Hill.
What ever the case, remember to place many chips in her or his's heart for as long as you do so the love will never run out, you'll be blessed with many riches beyond your imagination
If you are placing chips and they are not placing them back to you, perhaps you're at the wrong bank.
Peace be with you.
moonstarsandsun moonstarsandsun
51-55, M
May 19, 2012