December Dull Day.

If you scan the sky and cannot see a golden glow,make some Sunshine for yourself and take it where you go.When there's none up there amongst the clouds as grey as stone,try to make a little bit of sunshine of your own!
garvan garvan
51-55, M
3 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Wow, this takes me back to before all female singers were blonde and half naked.

Thanks for the sunshine.

:) thanks for the smile!!!!!

Thank you dear Friend.

I said this was THOUGHT PROVOKING because it brought back times, when there were things to do and people to DO THEM WITH. I dislike being by myself, i mean if I was so much fun, wouldn't others be with me?
I cannot recall the last time I was thinking the words, ''Don't it feel Good''......that is deep.
People tell me to ''just go out there have a good time and people will join you'' or my favourite, ''When you stop looking love will happen''. I wonder have we always been a society of liars?
But if my body could of responded to this song, she with her Happy Feet, I would of been dancing around my room.
Thanks for posting this, it went down well.

chey,I will write to you.Thank you for your honest feedback.