I write when I am upset. I write when I am sad. I write when I am crying. i write when I am happy even.

I don't write stories but poems. Some are short some are long but its my outlet for emotions.

I talk on here as well but writing is something I can always do at school, home or any place.

I just started writing poems recently but it helps more than I honestly know.

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4 Responses Apr 26, 2009

That is good that you can expess your self in words about what is deep inside you. I wish I had a way to express my self. I have done a few an posted some on here. Alot of people will never try to understand me, good luck to you and your future.

They are all on EP or most are. I have them in a group I joined a little while ago. <br />
<br />
I want others to share their poetry its called.

I write my feeling down. And it makes me feel better to get it out. <br />
i am glad you found it .<br />
<br />

Even i do the same....Why dont you share some of them with us??