But It's A Bittersweet Exercise Now

Once upon a time I enjoyed writing about the sexual experiences my wife and I had which were often quite adventurous and fun. We had some good times and I enjoyed celebrating the joy of them by writing about them and sharing them with readers. Unfortunately, all those all stories are gone now (see "confession" about my previous, hastily deleted profile). However, I still have the same instinct if good times occur. But it's bittersweet because the "good times" now are all tainted with the pain and remembrance that these "good times" have not been exclusive to me.

It's now just three months since my wife's affair ended because I discovered it and shut it down. That's not enough time for the emotional memory of that trauma to our intimacy to have faded a whole lot. Most sources I've read estimate around 2 years for a relationship to somewhat "recover" from this and reclaim a sense of "normalcy" (though I realize that "normal" is just a setting on the dryer). Still though, if we have a time together that can classify as "hot" and fun, I still have an inclination to share it.

Without going into too much detail, I was pleased that we were able to have a nice time at the beach last weekend without any kids around. She wore her bikini with a colorful top and black bottoms, and I liked walking through the waves with her. At one point we began fondling one another in the surf and got an idea. This idea took us up from the beach back to the campground showers. Yes, the door to the shower can lock. No, we're not bold enough to share a shower that someone could surprise us by walking into unannounced.

With the door to the shower secured, we had at each other. She dropped down into a crouch to suck on me, helping to get me ready. The bathing suits were then quickly ******** off as we sought workable positions for that space. Eventually we settle on her hands on the little bench in the shower room as I stood behind her. It was a fast and furious encounter, but it fulfilled one of my longstanding fetishes: location - location - location. The showers at the beach campground were a nice way to create a bit of bliss to interrupt the normative angst that is our "road to recovery." Hopefully many more like it can follow, stringing a chain of positive moments together than can eventually compete with painful memories of old. That's the method to my madness...Trying to overcome negative with positive. Positive sex is positive indeed.
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3 Responses Sep 17, 2012

Sounds like you are making progress. I have to agree...location...location...location!

This sounds like a good start to healing and getting past some of the pain.....

Bravo, fella. :-D

You are smart to realize it takes time. And yes....location, location, location.