My First Attempt At Writing An Adult Story

Erotic Night


As I sit in the smoke filled bar listening to the same music being played over and over again from all the other drunk businessmen with their "special friends" hanging all over them with the stench of too much perfume and cigarette breath, I yearn for something more. Something a little wild and kinky. But in this oh-so-slow town, that seems to be next to impossible. I heard the door open as it has all night but for some reason I happen to look up and saw this dark and mysterious looking man come in. Wow, he is sexy. He came in alone though. I wonder if he is meeting someone here. Well, there are not that many men in this town look like him. I need to meet him. I continue to watch as he sits at the other end of the bar and ordered a beer then lit up a cigarette. I don’t like smokers normally but for some reason, this guy makes it look sexy. As he inhales and then lets the smoke out slowly, as if he is enjoying every bit of nicotine, the smoke warfs around his dark face and makes him more mysterious. I wonder why he came into this dive? I am drawn to him. I tell the barkeep to give him another drink on me. He looks up at me and winks. Now he is walking over to me. I look like ****. Oh well, he is here now. As he says hello in his deep bass tone voice, I begin to shake. Wow! What a voice. He tells me his name is Jake and is new in town. He looks at me with those deep dark brown eyes that makes my ***** moist. He stares right into my soul. He doesn’t say much but what he does say makes me feel that he may not really care about what I am saying but what we could be doing right now other than sitting in this hole in the wall dive of a bar. We talk more with our eyes then in words. I know what he wants. And I think he knows I want it, too. He buys me a drink. I thank him and stick my finger in the glass and put it on his lips and he opens his mouth. He gently sucks on my finger and then bites it a little. My heart beats so hard and loud that I am sure everyone in the room is turning around and staring at me. But I don’t care. I gasp for breath as he sucks on my finger and then releases it. I can feel his heat. I excuse myself to freshen up. I quickly go to the shithole they call a restroom and splash luke warm water on my face to cool off. I look at myself in the mirror and say, "Girl, this is the one. I am going to rock this man's world. Lord, please let me have this night." I walk back to find him still sitting near where I was sitting. I finished my drink and he asked if I was ready to go. I asked him where, and he said anywhere but here. I quickly agreed to leave with him. This complete stranger I never seen before. As we walked out the door, I felt a little woosey. He asked me if I was alright and he took my hand. I shook it off and said I was fine. There was nothing going to ruin this night. Not even me. We walked out into the cold night air and the mixture of alcohol and the euphoria of what is about to happen was making my head spin. Or so I thought. I began to feel light headed and drowsy. I have never felt this way before. He keeps looking at me asking if I am alright. I tell him I am fine knowing I am not. But I WANT THIS MAN. I don’t know where he is leading me but at this point, I don’t care. I just cant figure out why I cant focus. I feel myself slow down. I lean up against the wall and I can feel his breath on me asking if I feel good. I try to answer him and tell him I need to lay down. He tells me just a few more steps baby. I cant feel my feet. I feel myself beginning to collapse. Oh my God, what is happening to me? He picks me up and I close my eyes. I try to tell him I need to go home. I can hear him say, you are home. I black out.

As I try to open my eyes, I notice I have something on my eyes keeping me from seeing. My wrists are bound behind me and I cannot get out of the restraints. There is something in my mouth. It feels like a rubber ball and there is something wrapped around my feet. I squirm tring to get loose. I hear sounds of someone moving around and I try to make noise to get their attention. He says, "Shhhhhh sweetie. Let me take care of you. I want to show you something I think you might enjoy." I try to scream. But he just tells me to be quiet. He tells me if I do not behave, he will have to punish me. I start to gain conscienceness and realize I do not have my clothes on. What the **** happened to me. I try to move again and I feel someone lay on top of me and whisper in my ear to stay still and quiet or else. I am scared. I still feel light headed but I am very scared of what he is going to do to me. I hear him walking back and forth and can feel something moving around me. What the hell is he doing. I can feel my fear rise inside me and begin to cry. He tells me if I am quiet and stay still, he will make sure I feel very good. I just need to trust him. He tells me to be a good girl. Then it gets real quiet. I try to listen to what is going on but my head is pounding and I am scared out of my mind. It stays quiet for what seems like hours. Suddenly, I can hear him walking back into the room. He turns on some music. It's very loud, like heavy metal music. He leans over me and whispers in my ear if I was alright. I try to respond but the rubber ball is preventing my words. I feel his hand rubbing my breasts that feel bare, like he has taken my clothes off. He pinches softly and asks me if I like the way it feels. Though I am scared, I thought if I pretend to enjoy him, he will let me go. So, through my crying, I moan uh huh. He tells me good. Then I feel a pinch on my nipples but its not from his fingers. It feels like clamps. Oh my God, that hurts so much. I let out a cry. He leans over and tells me to relax and enjoy the pain and there is more to come. I cry out again. He takes the clamps off only to bite down on them. I try to move away but the weight of his body pins me to whatever he has me laying on. I can smell the alcohol on his breath and start to feel sick. With one hand he pinches my left nipple and with his mouth he bites and sucks on my right nipple. He alternates back and forth. He starts to ease up a little and it begins to feel good. My body relaxes a little and he tells me, "There you go. Just relax and I promise it will feel good. Better than any other sexual experience you have ever had. Just trust me." Then I feel his tongue lick all around my breast. He stopped biting and is now licking my stomach. He nibbles on my stomach and I quiver. His hands grasps both my breast tightly as he licks my stomach. I feel tingling in my ***** now. This is really starting to feel very good. He removes the restraints on my ankles and opens my legs wide. I feel him pulling something. Its my pantyhose. He is aggressively ripping them off of my body. That is really making my ***** wet. I fear him and want him at the same time. What is he going to do to me now?

He pulls my legs apart and I can feel his tongue working its way down my leg. He holds my feet apart and licks me closer and closer to my *****. As he gets closer to my *****, I can feel my heat rise. He tells me he can smell my sweet juices begging to be licked. He asked if I wanted him to lick my hot juicy *****. I quickly answered him yes. He then takes one finger and gently glides it in my hot box. I can feel him quicken the pace as he feels my ***** lips swell. He inserts two fingers and rapidly quickens his movements. In and out feverishly. I begin to pant. I can barely breathe with the ball in my mouth. I moan and he tells me to slow down my breathing or he was going to stop. I quickly slowed my breathing. Three fingers are now inserted and he is stretching my ***** making me hurt again. I can feel that I am about to *** and so can he. He tells me not to *** yet. I try not to but he continues to finger **** me until I nearly pass out from breathing so hard and fast. He finally slows down and puts his fingers in his mouth. He tells me I taste so good and asks if I want a taste. I moaned yes so he would take the ball out of my mouth. Be takes the gag off my mouth and puts one finger in my mouth. I taste myself and ask him if he would take the blind off, too. He said, "No no no. Be a good girl and I might let you touch me." I apologized and promised to be good. As he returns his fingers into my already swollen *****, I can feel him lean down to being licking me. I feel his finger in my ***** as he puts his tongue on my ****. He flicks my **** to make it hard and stick out. He sucks on it a bit and I begin to breathe hard and fast again. He takes his finger out and beings to lick and suck on my ***** lips and ****. He lifts my legs high in the air and I feel his finger finding its way down to my ***. Then he uses his thumb to massage my ******* and tries to penetrate the tight hole. He spits on this thumb and tries again. I moan in ecstasy. I have never felt this way before. I wanted him inside me. I begged for him to **** me. He tells me to be quiet or he was going to gag me again. I try to tell him to just **** me already and he jumps up and puts his **** on my lips. He tells me to open wide and take it all the way. He forces his **** all the way down my throat until I gagged. I was chocking on his massive hard ****. It was bigger than I have ever had before. I can taste his precum and I feverishly suck on his huge member. He keeps chocking me. I try to get my wrists loose. He sees what I am trying to do and removes the restraints on my wrists. I grab his **** and stroke it with one hand rub his balls with the other. He is face ******* me now and tears are streaming down my face. His fingers go in my ***** as he face ***** me. His **** is so hard and long that I gag every time he shoves it in my mouth. I try to stop him from chocking me and he just forces it even further. He uses one finger to penetrate my *** as the others are in my *****. I am ******* so hard. I want this **** in me so bad that I beg for him to **** me again. He turns me over and says, "You want me to **** you? Fine, take this big **** up your ***. I will **** you. I will **** you so hard your *** will hurt for days." I cry out to him to **** me harder. I can feel blood from my *** dripping everywhere but the pain of my skin ripping was numbed by his huge ****. He pulled me up some more and ****** me doggy style. He thrusted hard and fast. He was ******* me so hard and deep that I thought my walls inside my ***** where going to collapse. I didn’t care. I wanted him to keep ******* me. He alternated from my ***** to my ***. Then he smacked my *** so hard that my *** turned as red as the blood coming out of my *** and hot as an iron. He pulled my hair and said, "You want me to **** you *****. Here, take this ******* **** and love it. Take it like a woman, you ******* *****!" I cried out for more. He throws me on my back and takes the blind off of my eyes as he thrusts me missionary. He grabs my breasts and asks if this is what I wanted. I cry out, "Yes, **** me harder! I need you to **** ME HARDER!!!" He ***** as hard and as fast as he could until he explodes. He **** some inside and some outside all over my stomach. I think he is done and try to regain my composure. That was the best **** I have ever had. He tries to slow his breathing and tells me he is not done with me yet. I ask him what he means and he says I will know in time. I try to get up from the bed he has me on to clean up. I try to find the bathroom and see that I am covered in my own blood. I finally feel the pain from my *** being ripped. I quickly try to clean up in the small NO TELL MOTEL shower. He comes into the shower with me as I rinse off. He asks if I am ok. I tell him I am though I am sore and still throbbing. He grabs my hair and pushes me up against the shower wall and says, "You think this is over *****? I know where you live. When you were passed out from the GHP I put in your drink, I found your license and know your address. When you least expect it, I will be there. If you call the police, I will hunt you down and kill you. You are my *****. I will come to **** you whenever I please. And you will love it. You are my **** doll and I will use you up any time I want." I begin to cry and tell him OK. I beg him not to hurt me. He tells me to hurry up in the shower and get the **** out of his room. I dry off quickly and try to find my clothes. He tells me he threw my clothes away and to use the towel instead. I grabbed my purse and ran out of the room. As I was leaving, he reminded me not to call the police or he will kill me. I went out of the motel and found that he was staying the motel across the street from the bar we were in. I found my car and drove home. Luckily there was no traffic. I walk in the door expecting the third degree of why I am so late but pray that my husband is sleeping. I quietly go into the front bathroom to clean off the blood and *** he spewed all over me. I have to put on a sanitary napkin to prevent making a mess in my clothes and bed. I ease myself in bed and try not to make any movements to wake him. He turned over and began to rub on my breasts. I whispered, "Not tonight sweetie. I am tired and need to get up early." He just moaned and turned back over. As I lay in bed still throbbing and winsing from the pain Jake put my body through, my mind races with thoughts of the evening and if Jake will really hunt me down. I fear what he would do to me next, yet secretly hoping he will.



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To answer you question, this is just a story I made up. None of it is reality. I just have a dirty mind. LOL I will be adding more. This was just my first attempt. If you like this one, I hope you will like the others. Thank you for taking the time to read it and hope you enjoyed this very fictional story. <br />
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More to come